I’ll meet you again

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I don’t have any friends—and to be clear, I mean, I have no one within fifty miles of me who calls me up on a Friday afternoon asking me if I’d like to out for drinks or a movie. I have cats. A lot of cats. And a wife.


So tired.  For a few weeks I thought it was for the antibiotics.  But I haven’t been taking them this week because they were wiping me out.  So I stopped and still, at least once during the work day, I find myself falling onto the nearby bed and falling asleep.  I’m starting to feel like

Like and not like…

I’ve been reading Elon Musk’s biography.  Good read so far.  About 4 hours left to go.  It’s a long book. I have a lot in common with him.  I won’t go into it right now.  But one major difference between him and me is that his brain lacks the neural circuitry for empathy.  And it

Congress…oh congress!

Congress is inept. I don’t say that because it’s an opinion I’ve recently come to as I adhere to this general feeling the American public has been overwhelmed with about government; it’s been a realization I had back in the early 90’s when I was first able to vote. Let me provide a recent, specific,

Health Follow Up

I know, I know, it’s been awhile again. And yes, it’s health related. Here’s the quick follow up. A little over a month ago I was diagnosed with strep B. I wasn’t tested because doctors weren’t listening to me; I didn’t have the typical symptoms of strep throat, but instead because I’ve known for a

Actual virtual machines

Our brains are big, I mean, really big. So big, in fact, that when we go to sleep at night they’re capable of creating virtual worlds for us to inhabit. A lot of animals have brains, but only those that have big brains, I mean huge brains, in comparison to the parts of their brains

The million little parts of me

I’ve always known, on some level, I’ve had to mask but survive. I never quite knew what it was and I never had the language of autism to describe it—or explain my meltdowns. I’d always just told people, “I’m half human, half Vulcan,” and I left it at that. Needless to say, it’s something I

The role of teachers

Sometimes things just click, especially while you’re in the shower. For me today that was thinking about teachers and in particular the difference between a good, bad, and excellent one. In particular I was reliving a memory where I gave a presentation in one of my high school classes about converting away from dirty energy

And when you do

Stories our how our brains interpret the universe. So it should come as no surprise when you get past unrealistic ideas (i.e. superstitions) you start to view stories very different. Case in point: movies Specifically a movie I watched on VHS last night: Ghost Now, to be clear, I love this movie. It’s well written.