Getting my Rhythm on

I’ve always struggled, at least as an adult, with having a consistent schedule. Getting up at the same time every day? Good luck. Getting to sleep at the same time. Until much more recently (and with the help of certain medical interventions) it was all but impossible. Going to the gym every day at the same time? Starting and ending work around the same time? Never. Eating the same number of meals around the same time. Not so much. And so on and so forth.

I’ve always been a cat. Eat, shit, sleep when I want, when I need to. Indeed, my health problems aren’t anywhere near as bad when I have a week or two off, when I can, “Live like a cat.” But until I win the lottery, that’s not a realistic possibility.

Having said that, in some ways, having certain patterns is important and healthy. Getting to bed around the same time every night, very important for circadian rhythms and one’s health. So gave up staying up past 1am (except on rare occasions). Getting to the gym at least four to five times a week around the same general time every day has had a generally positive impact. And now that I’ve got this really cool 1975 Toshiba Black Stripe CRT TV on my desk, sitting here between 6:30 and 8pm is a great way to watch the BBC World News and NPR Nightly News while getting in some writing (at a desk that’s not my work desk). It’s a little me time that I need and despite the area not being separated from my wife’s hobby room, I’m staring at a monitor in the corner so it gives me the illusion of a man cave.

Anyway. You’ve probably already noticed. I’m writing more. More consistently. Probably not my best writing. I haven’t written anything great IMHO in a decade. And lately my headaches have been getting worse. And the other symptoms. Blood draws yesterday and today will hopefully show something useful, but I suspect it’ll be a lot more waiting. The medical industry has really gone to shit. So yeah, I thought, after I write and wander and explore various aspects of my experiences of loneliness, which I’ll probably do for much of November, I plan to write about my health experiences, from my earliest to my latest.



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