"A good example is the best sermon." - Thomas Fuller


April 23, 1996

I had this strange (aren't they all?) dream this morning. I was w/ Data and Riker. They had those new, hot, demon red uniforms on (the kind they wear in my dreams.) We came quickly down a hallway. Data pulled open a panel, low on the wall, and snapped/ripped a large computer board out w/ a snap. He set it down and we turned into a room; I took over here.

Evidently there had been a crime. No one here had told anyone. I told the workers they would get into deep shit. "You've got a responsibility to the people on this ship," I told one loudly. "One which should not be taken lightly."

One woman there, just hanging out, was familiar. My fiance, soul mate. She had a kind almost witty smile and strange dark, blonde hair.

Next thing I know I'm at the wedding. I've got on layer after layer of clothing, a dress shirt, tie, then an oversized sweater.

I'm scared because I really haven't met my bride to be, yet. Maybe I have, but I'm just so scared.

Excited and smiling my mom takes me up to the alter where my bride is waiting. I'm so scared, yet I feel so much love for this person. Yes, I am scared because I feel so much love for her.

She sees this and takes my left hand. In it she places pure water, making us water brothers. My fever fades and we melt into one lasting being.

That is what I remember.

What do you think, Mo Jo?