"A good example is the best sermon." - Thomas Fuller


March xth, 1996

Note: The following may or may not have been written in March but it was written in the first several months of 1996...

Jimmy was the type of stubborn that made babysitters consider a new occupation. He liked to get his way and sometimes, when his parents were around, it was difficult to pin point just who held the rod and ceptor.

So when Stan dropped by his parents weren't surprised in the least. Jimmy was the type of little devil anyone would want in their dark army. Yet they weren't worried when the ambassador from Hell just sauntered through their door. They had Jimmy.

"I'll make you a deal," said the devil to the boy. "All the candy in the world for you and your parents souls."

Jimmy crossed his arms.

"You do like candy, don't you?"

"Yes, I do but not from you."

"How about toys for you, little boy."

"I've got a better idea," Jimmy said with a shake of a wrist and a fist in the face of the devil in their place.

"Bravo," said daddy.

"Good one," said mommy.

"And if you come trying to take it again," Jimmy threatened. "My daddy'll beat you up. He's a fine fighter!"

March 8th, 1996

Ok. I now have to say that I am officalliay stoned. The whole world seems like Disney land to me. Especially the wasy all these lights are going around and around. But sir yes I say to that because Im' stil suicicdal beyond big dreams like tubo worms sluggy cars into the parcking llotts'.. Whell. What to you sayinth that I had also the wrong button in mty head iwonder if anyone is going to come in here and rread. Hmmm. If I were her like I am now then I would be.... That's true enough... Who said that by the way... WOnderwhacnkers. Bleep. KDJiiinnn; BLah de dhio blahgamacalition. I'l bet you 3 dollars that those people wonet talk to me. It is kinda interesting.

I wonder welrr my life went.. Wel I can remember being born. And fuck (get it) that hhurt. SIck to and noone would clean me off but those were weircd people that liked toturing me with their visual tests and hearing tests.

I can remember being in australia and seeing sheep and dogs. I can remmember faintly the church my family when to but not much else, I wish I coulc see the happy times and talke them out of the file in my head.

I rememberr boing in spokane were my parents wanted to go and i didn't so i threw a rot in the air and discufferd graxity. I was at the hopital and the doctors ahad to putt me under to pudding I would havee kicked his buttock reagioins.

Next i remember eating out from the rasberries on the fence and I wanted to go over the fense. I got in weeeeeelly baid trouble didiididididy..

So, I can here and my first memoryies are living in down down prinevileee in were a house resided. Anyway, i rembmer getting hur alkdfljsdfjsdjflsd
Wow this takes to long. To ll,ong this takes us like fries and fried fries cann't lie to spoottty dogs about their showpolice.

Wooooppppssl..... I don't know what I am talking about. Tits can be quite big this time of year, I hear...

lalalalalala a be be lallalalalalalal beb beb aa beybey wowoow ooooooo da da da da dalalalal pooh pooh its really black stuff were athe peopl down below come from. I do not know were i come from. I cant'te really tell were I have come from. living is a reley anoying thisng and I don't like it too much. I think this paper might be amusing for you at a later time when you aren't that stoned. Do youknow what I mean. Boy shit my life is really shity and I wish i could fix it i like it right now but ji can't get this much often of lalalalalal

ti twity that's what i wsay in the earlyof the morning before i eat my wheatys but that's ok because every one does that thais timel of yeart. I opened my eays ont the last page and that were really strange for a while. Yes yes ye a.

My god why I am existent in the place full of dirt. A God really likes you when he makes you out if it and then makes a lot of it to go around in. Ha.... I bet you never thought of that. I would rather be born in a slimy DNA pit myself. Then I ould be so the letters are going downt he scrreeen and it is very mistifying. Almost tho the point that i cannort about anything makeds a lot of sense and this mucis from stat trek is wowowowoly intesness. Bommbomlajombmombmbab mblambomm mboboamb0mm mbm jdjfjfjfjfjfooewuop; fjfjdkf fjf fjf fklf fjf fjf fjf fjf f ioweiiiff piqw[qw[qeir[qir]qrpiq]roi[po[poor[poq] ]oew]r]oow[wo][orpo[oepr[]]q]q][eep]qwq a'l;al'sdd;s';lx.z,c.xz/xc.vxnb,mznnbZ?v vm mv,xcmv. mv,cm,v,mc,mv,cm.,vmz/.,cmv,z.x,.zm.z.,vmc,.............


Wow. That isn't working anymore. I hope that brian diuude keeps log on th clock boy and i will have to fix the bed so it is so and that it be so forr jthe rest of time to killll frogs. Yes time to kill frogs. Because they are small and green, and small is small to small but green may the whichker waker while your waiting

Wang wonder wad into wa water. Began is the man that had tit in the dick but is don'g is so big that most thingk its a leg. Blahgmeio blahgmj

I think it is time to save i can't concentrate any further.