"A good example is the best sermon." - Thomas Fuller


November 23, 2004


What would you do if you loved someone completely with all your heart? What would you do if they talked to you less and assured you with, "It's nothing," and that was just the start?

How would you feel if you offered your ear and they said, "I already have people to talk to here"? What would you think if they said, "I'm too busy," and "I have higher priorities, my dear"?

So what if you tried to talk about it time and time again? And what if the response was, "You've got it all wrong. I'm perfect, that's all, my friend."?

What if it's just a misunderstanding and you simply gauged things wrong? Would an understanding person follow after this sweet, sweet song?

What if you choose trust and at first things seem okay, then their actions amplify and never go away? What would you do if they said they loved you and would always be there but avoided conversation like some kind of polluted air?

What if one day you log online and you find something there? What if you learn they've been lying and it's more than you can bare? What if you fell in love with their child and knew you'd never see them again? What if the word "beauuuutiful" hurt, my god, how unfair!?

What if you have their gifts spread around your room? What would they remind you of, bright sun or shadowed moon? Do you put them in a box and wrap them in hope and love? Or throw them in the garbage can, say, "It's only a bunch of stuff"?

Or do you send them back again because, "Enough is quite enough!"

When they respond, "How dare you?!" what would you say? Would you stand up for yourself or let them get their way?

What if you've lived for thirty years with trust and hope from the start? What if you woke up one day and found them broken apart? And what if those are the only two things that can mend a broken heart?

You stick by them with patience, love, and understanding in mind. You were always honest, open, and expected something like in kind. So you choose to stick by them when promises were broken. You choose to stick up for them when dishonesty had been spoken. And you thought your love would be seen as something more than a token.

So what will I tell others of you? The truth, as I always, always do.

What if it's your birthday and they promised they'd be there? What if it's just one more broken promise hanging in the air?