“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” - Albert Einstein

Unless you're in the unique position of experiencing reality from the third person omniscient point of view then you're a creature of subjective expression. I don't care how many books you've read, how many degrees line your wall, how many security cameras you watch, or how psychic you might happen to be, everything you experience is a dance of a hundred billion electric signals being conveyed through senses that translate wave and particles into what you conceive of as ideas like love and hope and fear and denial.

For some it is a mind blowing experience to realize that not only are they the center of their universe, but they create it. Then it is even more humbling to recognize that what we see and hear and touch and smell and believe, these things aren't necessarily solid or real but are subject to change.

Our lives are not written in stone.

Each one of us is a tiny universe. I take that back, each of us is a complete, dynamic, evolving, breathing universe. When you sit down to talk with another person you're not talking to a face, you're reaching out and blending with another world of beliefs, values, and experiences. When you say something as seemingly trivial as a word or sharing an idea that word, that idea, becomes part of that universe, finds a place in it, settles down and makes a home in it.

Do you not see the importance of this, the need to expand and continually ask questions about what's out there? Have we grown so old and certain of ourselves that we have forgotten what babies do every time they pluck something in their mouth?

The child uses their mouth, the adult questions, explores, and reevaluates.

We are subjective beings, you and I, and this is the only way we can reach out to each other, touch each other, and learn from each other. We must be couragous in spirit, accepting in heart, and conscious in our actions as it is our actions that build the bridge between our worlds. This is the poetry of sharing and reflection. This is where our journey begins.

Outside God watches with perfect understanding.