Drive to the Beach Day

I know, I know, my journaling capabilities are far from what they should be, what they were, but here goes: Drive to the Beach Day.

Today I drove to the beach. That is, after I showered and the wife and I grabbed something to drink at the local Starbucks. It was noon by then, warm out, too warm to be doing yard work, and there was furniture to be moved to a friend’s house out on the Oregon coast, so off we went.

I did have a smoke after I woke up. Well, not a whole one, just a few puffs. Seems like I’m always quitting. And something’s always setting me back off. I wonder why it’s so hard to be a non-smoker, then I look back on my life and it all makes a lot more sense.

The drive was uneventful besides a few times the Tessa’s auto pilot decided to do stupid things and blame me. Safety score goes down of course. No recourse.

Got to her friends. In with the furniture then outside to read Starship Troopers (I haven’t read it since I was a teen—seen the not-so-accurate film adaptation twenty times) while they chatted. Half way through the novel I stopped, used the restroom, and then we headed north to Seaside where we charged up a bit and stopped by a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to check out. Which reminds me, to warm my fingers back up I plan to start writing Yelp! Reviews again. It’ll go something like this.

Nice atmosphere, great outdoor seating, friendly employees. Chowder: bland. Fish and chips came out piping hot and the fries were great, but the outside of the three pieces of fish were three darker colors of brown, not gold, and inside was an equal rainbow of well cooked down to, “Is this sushi?”

Okay, I can do better than that. Regardless, neither my wife nor I said anything after we left, which generally means, “Well, it was food but it wasn’t bad enough to bitch about.”

Home. Working on the web site. This web site. Well, taking the old web site and trying to get it to work under the new web site for those who want to dig into the past.

Do I want to do that?

Aren’t I always, to some extent, doing that?

Finished that war movie. Back to M*A*S*H. Could “use” a drink but need to try and be up bright and early tomorrow to enjoy the last day of my vaca doing some more lawn cleanup.

G’nite again.

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