Guessing Games

Guessing games are fun.

Is it Babesia (that bug I’ve probably been carrying since I caught it at 15 in Australia)? Bartonella (a.k.a “cat scratch fever)? Borrelia (a.k.a Lyme disease—which “doesn’t exist” in the Pacific Northwest)? Or maybe just candida again?

Do you have shortness of breath?

Chest pain?



Brain fog?

Chronic fatigue?

Have you spent the last year (plus) going up and down like a yo-yo between symptoms and sometimes, like these past few weeks, get tossed around hard like a ping pong ball in a Cold War style game between China and the good ol’ U.S.of.A?

Do you have symptoms of a possible heart attack at point A during the day and those of a stroke during point B only to feel just find for an hour, say around 4pm, for no particular reason, only to go downhill again, again for no particular reason?

So what’s the game, what’s the plan? See a doctor? After you’ve already spent ten years of your life and nearly $100k only to be treated like you’re a hypochondriac? Head to Urgent Care so they can tell you whatever’s going on needs physicians with better equipment so…go to the E.R. where you’ll be charged $2,000+ (easily) to sit five hours waiting, get your blood pressure checked three times, and finally, after being admitted, get one blood test (and we’re talking “so basic”), only to be told, “Make an appointment with your doctor tomorrow. And guess what your doctor does when you see them?

If you guessed nothing, points for you. Bonus points if you said they’d suggest you:

A. Sleep better.
B. Eat better.
C. Exercise more.

Extra bonus points if you know someone like me has done all three only to have a doctor (and yes, this has happened to me before) tell me, “If you don’t want my help,” only to slam a door in my face.

Ah, the American health care system at work. At least it only takes days for the pharmacy to fill any order these days—oh wait, that used to be just hours—remember that?

Summary: Feeling very grumpy after my spiraling chronic symptoms ruined yet another vacation this year (literally felt like I had Alzheimers at points in between wondering how bad I needed to get before putting myself in the hands of the overworked and overly money driven medical system). Fortunately I think I’ve pinned it down to chronic + candida overgrowth and I have the medications to treat, but it’s a bit harsh. A full night’s sleep and a winning lottery ticket would be welcome at this point. Just happy I’m able to concentrate enough to read/write again so keeping fingers crossed.

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