12 hour day. 10 hour day. 12 hour day. Early morning meetings. I’m not a morning person. So fucking tired. So fucking tired.

I keep trying to get into a normal-healthy schedule. Much easier now that I work from home. Still hard because my job is unpredictable. Usually (in this industry), Decembers tend to quiet down. Not this one. Every day a new thing. Nothing I’d been planning to do for the last couple of months is something I’m able to do. And the gremlins are coming out of the woodwork.

I need to get to the gym but I fear if I got on the treadmill I’ll fall asleep then wake up slammed into the weight area.

Need to sleep. But I’m so tired I’m at the point where I feel wired. What did I use to call it? Wiggy? Fried? Don’t exactly recall, it’s something I’d only call myself when I was so tired the planet seemed to be leaning sideways or I was leaning sideways but anyhow something was absolutely sideways.

Fuck me sideways.

Oh wait. I’d probably like that.

Wait, what was I saying?

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