A Letter to Trump Supporters

Let me clear: If you still support Donald Trump you’re openly supporting a convicted sex criminal. While he was not convicted of rape, he was convicted of sexual assault as well as defamation resulting in a five million dollar penalty. So to those supporters who claim they support “Law and Order” I ask: how can you still support him?

So far it’s been crickets on Facebook. Pages like “Truth” and other Trump supportive pages haven’t, to my knowledge, said anything but it’s a witch hunt. There doesn’t seem to be any regard to his video disposition in which he wrongly identifies the plaintiff in the case as his x-wife (while altogether not recognizing his real x in the picture), nor any acceptance of his defense that, “That woman isn’t my type,” as if that’s any kind of legal, much less ethical, defense for sexual assault. In a world where real fake news regarding supposed liberal sexual predators (see Piza Gate) has become the norm for conservative conspiracy theorists, I have to wonder what new ones will begin popping up. Will Republicans begin normalizing sexual assault, especially in terms of voting for convicted sexual predators? Will they up their game, shouting about Zionistic cabals and masonic child-sex rings? Do facts even matter to such people?

They matter to me.



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