Organizational Ping Pong

That was a drama. Version x of my blogging app has problems a and b, version y has problem c and d, and after I spent an hour reorganizing all of my entries Version y wouldn’t open (fortunately, a reboot solved that issue). Okay, I know, boring, but it’s important to get things in order. Organization is key. And something about me has always liked organization.

S’pose it’s an autistic trait 🙂

Yep, I’m like that with my desk, with my files, with my life. Everything has a place. That’s not to say I’m not messy too. I seem to go back and forth between the extremes. Tired of keeping things tidy I let things go. Tired of the mess, I reorganize. And I seem to enjoy it.

Those ten years with undiagnosed Lyme, that was hard. Messes were the rule, not the exception. A lot of it had to do with the amount of pain I was in, but to be fair, I think most of it was the result of a combination of fatigue and brain fog. It really showed up (for me) in the increasing lack of orderliness on my computers. Pictures weren’t sorted. Files might be here, they might be there, they might be backed up, they might not. I’m sure I lost a lot of files during that time, things I would have kept, well, until I died, then had someone burn to ensure my PII (Personally Identifying Information) couldn’t be used for nefarious purposes. Yeah, that whole time sucked.

These days I go back and forth and the last few weeks I’ve had longer periods of going forth. Since getting my site back up, since pushing myself to commit to writing every day, since sometimes managing to actually bloody well do it, I’ve been experiencing the downside of my disorganization, at least in terms of how I’m managing my writing, blog, etc. It’s not exactly easy to sit down and pull one of my ideas out of the blogosphere hat if my entries and notes aren’t organized in the app. Nope, it’s a pain in the ass. Especially—and this just happened over the last couple of days—I apparently I accidentally sorta kind downloaded everything from the server into every folder in the blogging app on my local machine. Won’t be doing that again!

Okay, this journal entry sucks. It reminds me of that book about Rush Limbaugh by that comedian that ended up working for the government then left due to #MeToo (funny how Democrats step down when their greatest sin is being a royal jackass to a handful of people while Republicans will super glue themselves to power even after having run over a handicapped baby). I digress. For those of you who like to write and do blob and happen to prefer a Mac, the absolute best program I’ve ever used is called MacJournal. It’s written by a guy named Dan. I had written a lot about Dan and his cool blogging tool but I somehow managed to just loose it so I’ll just repeat that I sent him an e-mail today with a bug report and a feature request list. Not something I’ve really ever done with software, but I love it so much and plan to continue using it so much I thought WTH (bc right now I’m having to switch between v7.3 and v7.4b due to a few minor issues I’m not going to go into again). On an unrelated note, I’m going to win the PowerBall tonight so I’ll be able to give my notice soon and focus on things like writing, cats, travel, Scotch, sleeping in, and community improvement projects. I’m also going to climb the tallest mountain and find a bald old wise man who can tell me why I’ve had two reoccurring dreams where I have a huge…

More on that another time.



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