One of Five

Decided to get out today. First day of a five day weekend. Nothing really planned per say, but I’ve needed some time off and I wanted to do it while the weather was in the “perfect” (for me) temperature range (i.e. 70 – 85). And I’m sleepy now so this probably won’t be the most involved post, but I want to keep in the rhythm, as I got back into over the last couple days. I’ve felt hints of my old creative energy flowing again. Slowly but surely, as they say. Not much else to say on that note except I did reread my post from yesterday and noted a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes I’d made; in years past I would have edited before posting, but I’m almost glad I didn’t, and even happy with myself for not going back to make corrections tonight: sometimes it’s more important to get some excercise in and leave it at that. Life will go on.

First errand was to return some lenoleum (sp?) to Home Depot. Over a decade ago when I replaced two bathroom floors I just stopped at the store, gave them the dimensions I needed, then went home with a sheet I could immediately cut to size and glue down. Not this last time. Went in, gave them the dimensions, then had to wait three weeks (and cencel a plumber appointment) before getitng a message that “part 1 of 5″ was in the store–which made no sense since it was only one piece. Went to the store a week or so ago and they were confused by it as well. Couldn’t find the order, but something in the computer seemed to indicate it was being reordered. Well, it arrived yesterday, picked it up after work, came home, it wasn’t wide enough by 5 inches, so took it back today and got a refund. Sorry, didn’t want to go through that again. It was a simple order. One piece: 40″ x 65”. So went across the street to a flooring specialty floor, found something I liked better, and hope to have it here next weekend.

Next? Habitat for Humanity ReStore (store). Never been before but have seen them a lot on Facebook. Pretty damn cool place, worth going once a month to see what’s new.

Next-next? Mostly wandering without a real goal. First to the hobbie store, just for the hell of it. I used to build models a lot as a kid, did some pretty damn cool ones as a teenager, and sometimes I dream about doing it again. There was a pretty expensive model of the original starship Enterprise but it was a pass. At my age I just feel there’s a million other things I’d rather spend my time and money on. C’est la vie.

And then it was just random driving, in part to eventually end up somewhere with decent food. It wasn’t intentional but after a lot of winding back roads I’d never been on before I found myself in downtown Lake Oswego where we ate at the same restaurant I’d had a happy hour at awhile back (it was a going away party for someone my team worked closely with). Food was more of the same: the regular post-COVID good but not great and with prices reminiscent of San Francisco. Bloody mary was pretty damn good, though. And the French delicatesent (sp?) next door was great!

Back home I spent an hour or so reading my book on the history surrounding the pilgrims. Amazing read about a subject I’ve never been interested in until now. Then binge watched a bunch of episodes of “Invasion” and “Hello Tomorrow!” on Apple+. That’s about it. Winding down for bed now, Monk reruns on the tele.

Tomorrow, weather pending, plan to get some work around the house done. Wish I loved working outside as much as I used to, but now it’s important as it gives me that “satisfaction in a job well done” feeling. And need to get to the gym and I skipped out on it yesterday and today. Will also give me a chance to catch up on my audio book about The Green Book.

G’nite all,


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