The last light switch

After nearly twenty years I replaced the last light switch.  It had always wiggled loosely a little but it always worked.  And of course, there was this cute switch cover which I don’t even think about most days, the one from my daughter’s room.

In what is now the “purple” room, I’d once gone hog wild making a little girl’s dreams come true.  I purchased a fun bunk bed with built in desk and dresser.  I pasted glowing star stickers on the ceiling.  I found fun lamps and lights to make the room glow.  And I purchased this cute little cat light switch cover.  I’ll never forget her face when she first walk into her first real bedroom.

I haven’t seen or heard from her in over a decade.  I won’t go in the details only to say, I stepped up when I didn’t have to, when most people never would have, and while I wouldn’t have given up my time with her for the world, the price was a high one.

I no longer have an old school light switch this plate will cover but it will remain in a place of honor and love in the “green” room.

Take care,



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