It’s been a tough day. Well, a tough couple of days. Don’t know why my body acts like a piece of shit. And when my body does, my mind does. The easiest way I can related it to you is to say imagine waking up with a hangover that more or less lasts all day, except you haven’t had a touch of alcohol since last Friday. Couldn’t fucking concentrate most of the day and had to lie down for a short nap at one point. I did, somehow, manage to force myself to the gym where my body oddly said, “Okay, I’m fine with this today.” Thank the gods for Miralax (and their slightly cheaper substitutes!).

That said here I am, devoting myself to may daily. I had some ideas but I opted for easy: a rant about an idiot.

Now, I don’t like insulting people. It’s unnecessary, I’ve come to find. It’s much easier to make a logical argument and let the world sort it out. But yeah Gods, this guy was an idiot. And obviously, it was some idiot on Facebook. Here’s his comment:

Leftists h8 the middle of the USA
The border
The flag
The pledge
The anthem
Women’s sports
And Truth

Then they slap a rainbow on and talk about love – Hahhaahhaha. Yea right

Now I’m going to respond. I’m going to do so not for all “leftists” and not as a “leftist”. I can’t speak for them. I’m going to respond as what I consider myself to be, that is, a progressive, that is, someone that believes that society should progress in a positive way based on facts, data, and science, to benefit not only humanity, but every species on the planet. I’d gander this guy thinks that makes me a leftist, but I’ll leave it at that. Here goes:

The border – I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I guess what you mean is building a wall or having racist, inhuman policies against people fleeing from persecution. If so, yes, I hate that. I hate the ridiculous idea of a wall. It didn’t work in Germany during the cold war and it’s not working now. And it’s bloody expensive mate. I think folks like you are just veiling your modern day acceptable “rightist” xenophobia behind a wall of bullshit. So no, I don’t hate “the border,” I hate how bigots talk about it and then get all upset when we call them out.

The flag – No problem with the flag. I assume you’re talking about the American flag. My dad used to hang one outside or house every 4th of July, even though we lived five miles in the country where nobody would see it. Me? I have two flag poles outside my garage. I’ve hung many flags including the American flag, the Dutch, the Amsterdam, and the Scottish one. Don’t have anything against flags. But what I do have is a problem with the fact that the American flag has been appropriated, since Trump was in office, to mean something entirely different. Seeing a huge flag flying on a huge pickup truck doesn’t mean what it used to. It’s a big “fuck you” to Democracy and has come to represent something more akin to the Nazi flags flying in 1930’s and ’40s Germany. It’s been damanged by being overused by people who think they’re the only patriots because, well, they’ve decided they are. They’ve come to represent xenophobia (let me know if I’m using too big a words for y’all), anger, resentment, homophobia, sexism, and a twisted love for the U.S. Consitutition combined with a hate for the government responsible for upholding it. So no, I/we don’t hate flags. We hate that idiots have turned them into bikinis, napkins, and associated them with the modern faces of the ilk of the KKK. That’s what we hate (you mother fucking idiot).

Halloween – WTF? I means seriously: What the fuck? In my entire life the only people I’ve ever met that hate halloween are evangelicals. As a teen I was a member of the Baptist youth group and on halloween night we held a “sit in” to protest the evils of halloween. Granted, most of the kids didn’t give a shit, just wanted to hang out, have a good time at our anti-halloween rally, but it supports my point that the only people in this country that have superstititous beliefs about halloween are evangelics and when it comes to evangelicals we’re not talking about leftist poofter loving str8ts like me, it always comes from the superstitutious evangelical types who have oversized American flags flying from their Ford F150’s. And that brings me to…

Christmas – Nobody hates Christmas (you idiot). If you studied your modern American history you’d find that the very idea that people like me hate Christmas came out of outlets like Fox news. It became such a thing that every year they go on talking about how we’re all trying to cancel Christmas. No evidence for it. I mean, those of us who aren’t Christian don’t like having our children being forced to do nativity plays, but that’s people exercising their first amendment right. It’s called separation of Church and state. Look it up.

Christians – I was lucky. I grew up Lutheran so we didn’t get brainwashed into believing everyone was against us. Sure, we were told about how the early Romans threw the early Christians to the lions (not actually very factual, as I’ve learned), but Lutherans don’t go around beating into their children this idea that everyone is against them, that they’re somehow being abused by society and can’t exercise their Faith freely. Nah, that’s only an idea I saw beat like a dead fish in evangelical churches. And it’s utter bullshit, mate. We don’t hate Christians. I don’t hate them. Some of my best friends are Christians. What we hate are the type of very Americanized Christianity I’d summarize as “Bible Bashing”. The type of Christianity that freaks out when a muslim child wears a head scarf into a school as part of their Faith but thinks the Ten Commandments should be posted in schools. That’s the only kind of Christian I have a problem with because, well, Church and mother fucking State you dim witted uneducated asshole.

Str8s – Well, first of all, you didn’t have to write it all funny, Facebook isn’t going to ban you for writing “straight”; it’s only in your twisted mind that this word is a bad thing to the rest of the universe. Me? I like straights. Being one myself, I especially like straight women. To be blunt: I like pussy. And so you know, I’ve had a number of gay and lesbian friends, none of which hated straights. They don’t like being bullied, targeted, beat up, or killed. They don’t like not getting a job because of their sexual orientation. But they don’t have a damn thing against straights. Where are you getting this crap anyway?

Morality – Supersititious evangelical “morality” being shoved down our throats, yeah, I hate that.

Children – What the hell are you smoking Pizzagate dude?

The Pledge & the Anthem – Again, completely confused by this. Some NFL guy kneeling during the anthem doesn’t mean he hates it. That’s what psychologists call projection. But if there is hate it’s a hate for fascist behavior. You see, fascists regimes love to force people to praise their regimes and the first two ways they enforce that is anthems and pledges. Hell, my Dutch wife, who came from a very Democratic country, finds our adherence to these traditions a bit–worrisome. I mean, her late father grew up under the heal of Nazi’s forcing them to do these things. And frankly, when Americans decide not to, or to modify them by kneeling, we’re not showing disrpescpect, we’re saying, “We love our country, and we think it can be a better place for everyone.” So yeah, you’re off the mark again. Too much right wing news. Maybe listen to all the news I’m “indoctrinated” by (I was accused of that yesterday), news where there’s no mention of flags or anthems or pledges in any negative way, and if they are brought up it’s in the form of conversation about our modern culture. But I supposed that’s a bad thing to you, because I’m not kneeling behing your idea of the right way to worship my country (an idea that would have made the founding fathers–you remember them–sick to their stomachs).

Womens sports – Huh?

Afgan – I assume you mean the war in Afghanistan. The one that’s cost us trillions of dollars (which we could have used to solve any number of serious problems we’re facing today like “the border”), one that’s killed tens of thousands of American troops (who could be alive with their families today), one that’s killed hundreds of thousands of Afghanistanies (survivors many of whom now hate America and will do anything to destroy us), and a country that’s reverted to the sexist, hateful, impoverished form it is today (oh yeah, that’s all Biden’s fault–has nothing to do with other President’s keeping it up–and yes, I include Obama in that group, despite my rightist FB friend wrongly always stating I have a team and my team are all lefties). So yeah, that war was an utter failure in every way and it’s one of many reasons Russia knew it could get away with the war with Ukraine. America didn’t show the world what it’s like to act with integrity so Russia says hey, look at what they did, fuck off, we’ll do it too. Status quo. And to be fair, I don’t know anyone on the right that loves the whole Afgan debacle, they just love to forget who the hell started it.

Wh8ts – Just because I support BLM doesn’t mean I don’t like whites. Hell, I am one. And I don’t feel the tiniest bit guilty about it. Never have. But if an African American asked me to march with him (or her) to protest how people of other colors are treated in this country, I’d be there in a heart beat. Because I’ve studied history. I know the shit they’ve been through, the shit they’re going through. They have a harder time getting a job. They’re more likely to get a job and get paid substantially less than me. Have a harder time financing a house or business. And hell, when I get stopped for speeding I just get a jerk ass cop giving me a know it all talking to, I don’t get a gun in my face and a potential death sentence. So no, none of use hate wh8tes, we just hate racists like you.

Gender – I have no idea what you mean by that. For me gender is LGBTQI+. It’s a rainbow of fucking colors. I assume you mean one man, one woman, many marries woman, man fucks woman: gender. So yeah, we do hate your small minded modern evangelical idea of gender. Most of humanity for most of human history has been more open minded about what the word means. We just don’t like ignorant people who think calling someone by a prefered pronoun is the same as a cop strangling a black dude for existing. They’re not the same. We are not the same.

Reality and the Truth – God, I don’t even want to go into this. I’m just going to say a word that might freak you out to high heaven: Science!

And that’s it. That’s my rant. Longer than I thought I’d get out tonight, and a wee bit more rude, but I had to vent. I can’t stand small minded people like this, people who lack the simple ability to accept that freedom isn’t about just them, it’s about EVERYONE. And it comes with compromises. Your freedom to pray in school doesn’t mean you get to force others to pray (to your God) in schools. And amazingly enough, that’s a good thing–for everyone! So raise your flag. Say your pledge. Pray to your God. Hand out candy at halloween. Go fight a meaningless war. But don’t tell the rest of us we’re unpatriotic because we want to live our own lives. The U.S. fucking constitution gives us the right to live our lives without jerks like you telling us how we should and worse, trying to legislate how we should. I know, I know, you really thing drag queens reading stories to little kids is immoral, but that’s on you. Take the time to meet some. Get out of your box. Try on a different point of view. Understand that as a white, middle class male American you’ve had it pretty goddamn good for a couple hundred years and now it’s time for other people who don’t look and act and believe like you to have their freedom too.

That is all.



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