Shit posting. There’s no other word for it and it’s exactly what I did yesterday. And that’s okay. Sometimes you’ve got to post shit. And for fuck’s sake, this is my own personally designed, written, and maintained blog hosted on server I built with my own two hands. I’m not making anyone visit—but I’m grateful to those who do!

We all need to get our rants out from time to time. I used to do it on Facebook, but I realized there really wasn’t much of a point in writing an articulate post or responding to a comment with deeply thought out logic when the entire ecosystem of Facebook is one of quick post, quick response. Worse, a lot of social media users live in their siloes; they’re doing their own brand of shit posting. This was fine for a while, especially during COVID when having a means for expressing frustration was therapeutic—but then it wasn’t. And let’s be fair, not all of my online “friends” wanted to hear my rants so I decided to make a separate page (also known as Stone Knives and Bearskins) where I began sharing the kinds of things I wanted to blog about but wasn’t, for a number of reasons, able to.

And here we are.

So I’ve decided to shake up my weekday afternoon routine. It’s not a huge change, but at least it’ll help me keep time. Now I get back to my home office after the daily workout, boot up my personal laptop, and throw on one of hundreds of vinyl records. Tonight’s random piece of history is Dolly: Greatest Hits. Never been a Dolly fan (never liked country music—it used to make my skin crawl) but over the years I’ve gained a huge amount of respect for the lady, someone I’d consider a top-notch American and all around uber-awesome human being (and my ears no longer bleed!). Hopefully this minor tweak to the weekday routine will help because, you see, while I have good reason to believe I’m a high functioning autistic person, I don’t generally do well with rigid routines. I’m more like a cat, I prefer sleeping when I’m sleepy, eating when I’m hungry, and blogging when I want to blog. Strict routines tend to be a source of my meltdowns, not a panacea, so let’s see if putting on some tunes every afternoon facilitates the brain juices flowing.

Hell, that’s all I’ve got in me today. Time to switch out of the gym clothes and head downstairs to make something healthy for supper. Got some hot peppers that are marked for consumption!



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