Happy 4th

Didn’t get a whole lot done today. Mellow day is a good day. Woke up at 11:30 after haveing a long string of dreams where I was helping my parents move. I was going all over trying to figure out what to pack while they were pretty much unorganize. Part of the dream was in the old raunch house I grew up in, some in another. They were moving into a small apartment. I don’t know why. But I liked spending time with my dad. It’s (obviously) the only place I get to see him anymore (though sometimes I have to remind him he’s dead so he shouldn’t necesarily being doing things).

Got up. Had a few Swishers and a Rock Star. Then we went out to Macy’s. Been awhile since I’ve gotten new socks and underwear. Yeah, you get at that age where you’re not dating anymore and stop thinking about anyone looking at you as a potential sexual partner anymore, so you tend to ignore the random hole in your socks or underwear (and I’m a firm believer in not tossing somehting until it’s absolutely unsalvagable). So 24 pairs of newsoocks and 5 pairs of undies. Also got a Levi jacket for my wife. She never wants me to spend money on her, but she’s been wanting one for awhile now I put my foot down!

Then it was off to the grocery store to get hot dogs etc. for our small 4th of july shin dig which consisted of food, Jack Ryan, and preparing for our seven or so cats freaking the fuck out all evening (which they dutifully did). Then we watching the third Indiana Jones movie in preparation for going out to see the newest. Forgot to mentioned we each enjoyed three cans of hard apple cidar, something we haven’t really had before (she’s more of a wine sipper and I’m more of a whisky dunker).

Decided to take tomorrow off. Wanted just one more day. Granted, I has a Powerball ticket, so who knows, maybe after that wins I can spend the rest of my life doing things I’m passionate about like writing, read, education, and travel. Maybe get into some volunteer work; definitely philanthropy. Also want to finish reading Helter Skelter to I can dig into my ever growing pile of books. Too many there but never enough! I have often wished I was a fast reader so I could be one of those people who could read a book a day, but the reality is I read at about the speed of someone talking very quickly. I like to savor the words, not just soak in the meaning quickly before moving on and on and on. I’d say another trip to Powell’s is in order but I’ve got way too much.

I did skip out on work today. I have the day off, mind you, yesterday and tomorrow too, but at the least I go through my e-mail on my days up and over the last five days I’ve been logging in at least once a day to check on some long running jobs I have three hard core servers running. Nothing exciting, just translating .WAV files to .MP3’s and copying the resulting files out to the interwebs. Hope to have most of them done by this week. For today, nah, no interest in computers except to write my daily entry. Just glad the fireworks are over. Believe it or not, not everyone appreciates the noise and the possibility some careless asshole starts the neighborhood on fire. I know, I know, I’m not very fun–but the reality is I believe you can have fun without being an annoyance and a possible fire danger to other (and here I’m mostly refering to the illegal fireworks Portlanians purchase across the river in Vancounver, Washington).

That’s it for now. Goodnight, …asm… P.S. I’m interested to know if there’s anything you’d like me to blog about. Please shoot me an e-mail or add a comment here. Thank you in advance!

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