Half Day Ha Ha

I’m fortunate to have a job where I can work from home (I definitely would not have been able to commute over the last two months without even more serious health results). I’m also fortunate to have an understanding manager who’s allowed me to work half days this week as I finish up one of my medications. Being me that meant I slept in an extra sleep cycle, sliding into the desk and working a couple of hours, taking a break, working some more, taking a longer break, and so on. I had, in my mind at least, planned to only work 4 hour days. Hell, I felt so shitty this weekend (and having barely gotten through last week) I told myself I should just take the entire week off—but I knew between my work ethic and need to be doing something with myself (assuming I felt up to doing anything but sleeping and binge watching) I might as well put in 1/2 time. And here I am, after sleeping in, many breaks, a few meetings, etc. etc., and I’ve probably put in 6 – 7 hours. Much easier to do on one’s own timeline—and with no obligation (real or imagined) to commit to 8+.

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