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It used to be easy for me to figure out what to write about. I may have had Lyme, but I had a lot of time on my hands, outside of eat, work, sleep, survive. It’s not like I don’t have plenty to write about these days, it’s that a fair amount of PTSD combined with many of the symptoms of my current health crisis make me feel like my thoughts are trapped within my mind, only struggling, with relative success from time to time, to flow down to my fingers and to the keyboard. I literally have templates for fifty or so blog entries, ready for me just to sit down and put words to paper, but I’m struggling to get bit by the writing bug again. I often think it would be easier if I had someplace, outside the house, to write. The nearest locations are the local dive bar, not ideal for writing (though I have used it before), and the local Starbucks, the latter of which doesn’t have the best atmosphere or, for that matter, comfortable furniture. There are, of course, coffee shops within a ten or fifteen minute drive that are perfect for writing, but they’re all small and tend to be jammed pack with other would be writers chugging down gallon after gallon of coffee (a luxury I gave up in July after my ER visit). But—at least when I’m not battling some inflammatory moment of terror—my brain is storming with thoughts and idea I want to get down and share before I pass on to the next stage of infinity.

Politics? Okay. I used to have plenty to say on the subject. Now I’m more interested in what can be said about the evolution of governments to be more in conformance with institutions that might actually help human kind. We don’t have that now and we’re probably hundreds, if not thousands, of years away from that point. So much to say.

Health care (in America)? Don’t get me started.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Make it all legal and let’s grow up.

Religion. Don’t get my started. Another area the entire human race could make some major improvements regarding.

Facts. Science. Not enough of this these days. Though maybe the human race, contrary to the stories we like to tell ourselves, has always willingly existed somewhere between the dark of ignorance and superstition setting a flimsy foundation with a few moments of sunlight showing through from time to time.

Speaking of, I’d love to write a K-12 school curriculum, topics and subjects I think aren’t only necessary for someone to succeed in the twenty first century, but also areas to help our children grow up into emotionally balanced, intelligent, critical, creative, and innovative adults.

But for tonight, nothing. I’m only writing because, well, it’s been such a miserable day I felt with this window a clear headedness it’d be nice to produce something, see if someone’s lurking about reading my ramblings. If so, take care and goodnight.


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