No Excuses

I’ve modified my server so now I can write posts from any linux capable machine on my home network so now I really don’t have an excuse not to write every day (for awhile there it was because I didn’t have my blogging laptop nearby and/or wasn’t putting time aside to sit at my small personal home office for blogging). Not that it matters to you (or most of you, anyway). But I figured, at least if I got it working this way I could, when something came up, write something quickly in between other things I’m doing during the pre/post/current workday. So here I am.

Health Update:Still not doing well. I certainly have worse days than others. Today I feel okay, which is to say, I feel like a “normal” person who isn’t feeling well but doesn’t feel bad enough to take the day off. Yesterday, however, a “normal” person in my condition would have at the very least headed to urgent care. Spent a bit on my phone with my doctor’s office. Doctor was out of course. I’m apparently a priority, which to me meant I’d recieve a message from them today. Haven’t heard anything (of course). Have some pulminary tests this Friday. I expect they won’t show much of anything and that doctor, of course, won’t only not be present for the testing, but won’t consider any connection between my lungs and other systems of my body being effected so it’ll just be, “Based on these tests you shouldn’t be having these symptoms so it’s not your lungs, go home, get some rest, talk to your primary.” Yep, that was my 10 years with Lyme/Bartonella: Not my problem, go talk to my primary. My primary: You saw the specialist? Oh, well, nothing wrong with you–oh wait, you’re low on Vitamin D!

Three o’clock now. Two hours until it’s time to hit the gym. Missed it yesterday. As mentioned, was feeling like the walking death. Plus it was my wife’s 50th. Staying in doing nothing wasn’t fun. I’m getting tired of it. I’m tired of doctor’s treating my like worse than a limping dog.




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