Headaches, Dizzy Spells, and the like…

It’s been a pretty terrible week for my health. Can’t seem to find anything that helps besides laying in bed—and laying in bed doesn’t bring in the pay check so I force myself in front of the computer as long as I can, sitting, typing, trying to think, hating myself for taking three times as long to do something I’d normally be able to do in a third the time (see, I did math there, so some part of my brain is working). Sent a message to my main doc today. It’s been weeks. He said he’d read through my symptoms, test results, consult with other doctors, and get back to me that week—many weeks ago. My wife ended up calling them today because I wasn’t feeling well enough. Got ahold of someone who said they’d get ahold of the doc and something would happen. So far (it’s 5:07pm) nothing has happened. Frustrating thing is, there are medications that help me function normally but they’re all things they don’t want to give over the long run. And the reasons make sense. For instance, prednisone isn’t something you want to do long term as the side effects can eventually become nasty. So then, if I can go from barely functioning to fully functioning on it, and it’s that serious, why won’t they prescribe it to me AND raise the priority on finding out what’s going on so it can be treated directly? Nope, can’t do that. Last I heard they literally want me to just wait until April (they don’t even have the integrity to tell me to “Hang in there buddy!”—which might be a legal acknowledgment that I’m not doing at all well). As it stands I don’t know why I’m shit one day and okay(ish) another (although there are definitely factors that can ruin the next day or two if I overdo it). So here I am. My head’s killing me. I’m back and forth with dizzy spells. I’m constantly tired. And after nearly over 5 months I can’t seem to get anyone but my cardiologist to take me seriously (though she rules out heart and suggests other specialists, something my primary “should” be doing). This is the Great American Medical Joke Show (which, if I won the Powerball, would probably look 100% different once I made a sufficient donation to my local hospital).

Not proofreading this.


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