I’m usually pretty happy with snow days as I love the peace and quiet it brings and am home most of the time anyway—but goddamn, it’s really pushing into my ability to go antiquing on the weekends and that’s sorta killing me. It’s actually worse because I’ve found half a dozen things on FB marketplace that I’d like to purchase, from old VHS machines to Nintendo DS’s. It’s so painful. Worse, nobody is answering any of my hails, which is weird, because they’re likely stuck indoors doing nothing same as me (unless they work at a grocery store, then they’re probably at work). Oh, it’s so painful. I want an old CRT TV for my bedroom and VCR to play the growing library of VHS tapes I’ve accumulated at antique stores (it’s easily ten times as big as I had in the 1990’s). Fortunately, my wife and I have now succeeded in our quest in going to every antique store in the wider Portland/Vancouver area. Okay, okay, there’s probably a handful we haven’t found yet (Google maps isn’t always forthcoming—sometimes it’ll only show something if you’re literally within a few miles of it). Ug. I miss looking through thrift shops for old, cool things.

Some things on my list to grab as soon as I can find:

  • A 1970/80’s stereo cabinet for my upstairs home office
  • A Nintendo DS3D XL
  • A black TV/VHS combo (yes, I’m being very specific, I want to throw it in the upstairs office to the right of my desk)
  • A DVD/VHS combo for the bedroom
  • The Muppets lunch pale from the early 1980’s (found one in Astoria but it wasn’t for sale as it was part of a private collection)
  • A working Victrola phonograph (that doesn’t cost over $400—which is pretty much impossible)
  • An old McDonald’s (or similar) 1970’s or 80’s table/chair set (okay, this will be impossible to find, but I’d love it for my kitchen)
  • An antique working AM (plus if it’s FM too) radio that doesn’t cost $100+
  • My 30’s and 40’s back.

That’s two posts for the day. Guess I gotta head towards bed. Tomorrow’s Monday. Fuck a duck. When’s this snow going to melt?

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