I can be ridiculous

I’ve been smoking less. No, I haven’t stopped smoking. But I’ve been smoking significantly less. The real irony is, I can throw on a patch and not smoke if I have an externally facing reason not to. For example, last Friday I went in to have a set of lung tests done. Threw on a patch that morning. Didn’t smoke that day (well, at least until the evening). Wasn’t a problem. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up an over achiever. My parents were teachers, you see; they expected a lot of me. So I was always going for the A (ideally the A+++). And in the back of my mind I could see that’s exactly what I wanted to do for this test too. Get that A+. Silly, isn’t it, how our brains work?

Humans are such odd creatures.

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